Yackez presents their own unique take on advice for good times and life transformation. Each episode, Twitta and Papi Jon tackle a new theme–sometimes with a special guest, sometimes on their own, and also feature a Yackez “song of the day.”

Milestones of Love

Yackez comes to you from their 10-year wedding anniversary retreat in the Catskill Mountains to announce the release of their new album, The Future EP! They discuss new music, couples sound meditation, and Valentine's Day. 

Listen to The Future EP here!!!



A Sonic Journey in 2020

Yackez kick off 2020 with selections from their forthcoming futuristic album while discussing entertainment, almanacs, and overindulging on sugar.

Twitta's 89-year-old grandma Mimi discusses family unity, the secrets of longevity, and pro wrestling!

Song of the day:


More with Awilda Rodríguez Lora https://www.laperformera.org;
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New episode of Life Advice, featuring Awilda Rodríguez Lora.  

In the latest episode, the duo unleash their big Illness Reveal. They go into some detail about the health issues they're facing, the recent history leading to these issues, as well as what's next. They also discuss their new, related, financial difficulties and share their live Go Fund Me page at:



Part 2 of Yackez's conversation with choreographer, performer, teacher, and Certified BodyTalk Practitioner Michelle Boulé. The theme is once again Time. Check out michelleboule.com and yackez.com for more... 

Yackez welcomes their first guest on "Life Advice," the very inspiring Michelle Boulé, a choreographer, performer, teacher, and Certified BodyTalk Practitioner. The theme is Time, and we discuss all matter related to time, including how it influences art and affects healing, before the conversation veers into other delightful directions. The expansive talk became too much to contain in one episode, so Yackez broke it up into two parts! Check out michelleboule.com and yackez.com. 

Behold! Yackez unleashes the debut episode of their podcast "Life Advice!" The show's theme is "Introductions and New Beginnings," and listeners will be treated to the song of the day, "Call to Yaction" as Yackez tackle BIG ISSUES. After a year of medical treatments Yackez have some added perspective to offer as well as a desire to seek more knowledge about this crazy world—a journey they’d like to share. So, send this podcast to your friends, family, and complete strangers!!!